Title Date Document/Link
Proceedings of the Screening Committee for Compassionate Appointment 25-Apr-2024 PDF (3.10 MB)
Corrigendum - Change Management to Pension SAI Application 28-Mar-2024 PDF (0.11 MB)
Notice inviting quotations for Pension Change Management 13-Mar-2024 PDF (0.24 MB)
Redesignation of Office of the PAG Kerala as Office of the Accountant General Kerala 20-Feb-2024 PDF (0.30 MB)
Public Auction of wooden and steel furniture, office equipment's and scrap items 29-Jan-2024 PDF (0.43 MB)
Tender for the purchase of waste paper 05-Dec-2023 PDF (1.08 MB)
Appointment on Compassionate grounds 27-Sep-2023 PDF (4.82 MB)
Hiring Assistant Accounts Officers 23-Jun-2023 PDF (1.52 MB)
Hiring Accountants 23-Jun-2023 PDF (1.55 MB)
Notice inviting quotations for AMC of Server, Desktops and hardware peripherals 01-Jun-2023 PDF (0.36 MB)