To whom it is payable

  • When a Government Servant dies while in service or after retirement, family   pension is payable to the Family.
  • The Family for the purpose of Family Pension as per Rule 90(6) means –
  • Wife , in the case of a male employee
  • Husband, in the case female employee
  • eldest eligible child ( in the order of the seniority)
  • Children suffering from physical/mental disorder or disability
  • Unmarried daughters  above  35 years
  • Son/daughter adopted legally before retirement
  • Parents (in equal shares )
  • Judicially separated wife.
  • Judicially separated husband
  • Disabled divorced daughters.
  • Widowed disabled daughters.
  • No nomination facility is available for Life Time Arrears of family pension

Calculation of Family Pension

Family pension is calculated at two rates

  • Enhanced Rate -- Enhanced Rate of Family Pension is calculated at 50% of last pay drawn in case of death while in service.  The enhanced rate is payable for a period of seven years from the date following the date of death and thereafter at the normal rate. The enhanced rate is admissible only if the deceased employee has not less than seven years of service. In the case of death after retirement, the enhanced rate is double the normal rate, but limited to the service pension. The enhanced rate in such case is admissible for a period of seven years or till the pensioner would have attained the age of 62/67 years of age depending upon the age of superannuation.
  • Normal Rate -- Normal Rate of Family Pension is calculated at 30% of the basic pay  last drawn ( Minimum Rate of Family Pension 1.7.2004 is Rs. 2400/-  per month)
  • Family Pension resulting in a fraction when calculated should be rounded off to the next higher rupee.

Provisional Pension

  • Where any departmental or judicial proceedings is initiated or where a departmental proceedings is continued against an employee who has retired on attaining the age of compulsory retirement or otherwise shall be paid a provisional pension not exceeding the maximum pension which would have been admissible on the basis of the qualifying service up to the date of retirement of the Government Servant. But no gratuity is payable until the conclusion of the proceedings and issue of orders there on.
  • Payment of provisional pension made shall be adjusted against final retirement benefits sanctioned to such Government Servant upon conclusion of any departmental or judicial proceedings but no recovery shall be made where the pension finally sanctioned is less than the provisional pension or the pension is reduced or withheld either permanently or for a specified period.

Restoration of Commuted portion of Pension

Commuted portion is restored after completion of specified years. The specified year the commutation factor reckoned for calculating commuted value, rounded off to the next year.For this the pensioner has to apply to the Pension Disbursing Authority in the prescribed form with life certificate.