NRA to Employees on Deputation/Foreign Service

Sanction- Gazetted Officers and Non Gazetted Officers

By the competent authority of the office in which he was attached at the time of proceeding on foreign service/deputation

Payment - Gazetted Officers

If on deputation within the State, nearest treasury officer will be authorized by the Accountant General to pay the amount to the subscriber. A copy of the authorization will be endorsed to the Gazetted Officer who should present the bill at the treasury.If deputation is outside the State, Accountant General of that state will be authorized to arrange payment.

Payment- Non Gazetted Officer

The Head of Office to which he was attached at the time of proceeding on deputation/foreign service will draw the amount and make payment where the deputation is within or outside the State.

Temporary Advance can be converted to non-refundable advance and this will be treated as non-refundable advance.Subject to the condition that another NRA/TA should not be granted for the same purpose within a period of six/four months from the date of authorization of the conversion.

The sanction for a temporary advance or non-refundable advance will remain operative for a period of three months only and shall be deemed to have lapsed thereafter unless specifically renewed.