Welfare / വെല്‍ഫെയര്‍


     Other Functions

  • Maintains the accounts of the IAAD Benevolent Fund, Kerala Region.  Benevolent Fund is indented to provide immediate relief in the event of death of the Government servants while in service, providing medical advance during hospitalization and provides Cash award to the meritorious children of the staff members.
  • Assists Central Government Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee (CGEWCC), Trivandrum, in the preparation of holiday list for central government offices situated in Kerala.  Currently, Welfare Officer is the Secretary cum Treasurer of this committee.
  •  Convenes meetings such as Benevolent fund meeting, CGEWCC meeting, etc. as and when required.
  • Monitors the day-to-day activities of the Departmental Canteen, functioning of AGORC and Sports persons.
  • Obtains permission to conduct programs associated with celebrations like Onam, New Year and AGORC programs.
  • Organize functions like Republic Day/Independence Day with the coordination of General Section.
  • Obtains permission to participate in Organizational activities, Director Board meeting etc., and sanction Special Casual Leave for such occasions.