Welfare / വെല്‍ഫെയര്‍

      Staff Welfare

  • Provides First Aid to the members of the staff suffering from minor illness/minor injuries during duty hours. Facility for checking blood pressure, blood sugar, fever and body weight is also available.
  • Attends the cases of employees seeking medical assistance while in office and accompanies with them to the hospitals in case of emergencies.
  • Arrangements for the medical check-up of newly recruited employees are made.
  • Verification and reporting of facts in respect of cases of family members seeking compassionate appointment in the case of deceased employees. 
  • Coordinates training sessions, workshops and skill development programs to enhance employee capabilities and career growth opportunities.
  • Provides list of employees who are willing to donate blood voluntarily during emergency situations and sanction Special Casual Leave for such cases.
  • Assists the staff members in online booking of quarters and holiday homes.
  • Manages employee benefits programs such as orientation session for newly recruited employees, health check-ups, retirement plans, and other perks or incentives offered by the organization.
  • Conducts Pre-retirement training programme for the benefit of retiring staff to impart good counsel in respect of money management, health and psychological well-being.
  • Deals with all the sports activities including permission for participation and regularization of period of absence to sports persons for participating at different tournaments.