Q Whether loanee has to apply to this office for allotting new Broad Sheet Number (Loan Account Number) individually

A. No. This office will forward admission details to the loanee as well as the Sanctioning Authorities on receipt of its Sanction Order from the Department/ Government

Q. Whether loanee can remit loan amount directly

A. Yes. Through chalan.  Loanee may note the following details in the chalan:

  • Correct Head of Account
  • Name of the loanee
  • Broad Sheet Number  allotted
  • PEN of the loanee
  • Concerned Loan Schedule

Q. Whether loanee can produce Utilization certificate directly to this office

A. No. Utilization Certificate issued by the competent PWD Engineer duly countersigned by the Sanctioning authority should be forwarded to this Office by the Sanctioning Authority.

Q. Whether any penal interest is recovered for nonproduction/late production of Utilization Certificate.

A. Yes. Penal Interest will be charged at the rate prescribed by the Government.

Q Whether loanee can produce a self certified statement of Missing credits called for by this office

A. No. It should be countersigned by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers or  the Treasury Officers.

Q. Which are the Head of account of Interest on HBA

A. Head of accounts of loan to Govt. are as follows:

Description Heads of Account

610-00-201-98-00  HBA Principal -State  Service
0049-04-800-93-01  Interest on HBA
7610-00-202-99-00 MCA Principal – State Service
0049-04-800-93-02 Interest on MCA
7610-00-201-99-00  HBA to All India Service
7610-00-204-98-00 Personal Computer Advance to State Service
7610-00-204-99-00 Personal Computer Advance to AIS Officer
7610-00-800-95-02 Interest Free Loan to Non-Gazetted Officers
7610-00-800-95-01 Interest Free Loan to Gazetted Officers
7610-00-800-91-00 Interest Free Advance to Employees of State Aided Educational Institutions 
7610-00-201-97-00 Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes
7610-00-203-99-00 Other Conveyance Advance
7615-00-200-89-00 House Building Advance to MLAs
7610-00- 201-96-00 HBA to Judicial Officers
7610-00-800-93-01 Advance for the Purchase of Furniture etc. to Junior IAS Officers
7610-00-800-93-02 Interest Free Advances to All India Service Officers for Medical Treatment
7610-00-800-93-03- Interest Free Advances to All India Service Officers
7610-00-202-98-00 Motor Conveyance Advance to Judicial Officers