The first major effort was initiated by the Training Division of the Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India to revamp the system of providing personnel training at the Field Office level in the Indian Audit & Accounts Department with effect from October, 1996 vide DO letter No.3650-Trg.Div./HOD/96 of 7th March, 1996 issued by Addl. Dy. Comptroller & Auditor-General (Training).


A total area of 1,000 sq. ft.(approx) is available in the Training Wing which has (i) an EDP Training Classroom with sixteen (16) desktops interconnected through a LAN, (ii) a hall for conducting non-EDP Courses with a seating capacity for twenty-five (25) people, and (iii) a small room for the establishment of the Wing with three Personal Computers and a Printer-cum-Copier. All general, non-EDP courses are conducted in the hall and the courses on P-SAI are conducted in the EDP Classroom by making arrangements for temporary connectivity with the P-Sai Hub but the courses on the different aspects of the Voucher Level Computerization (VLC) System are held in the VLC Wing of the Accounts Group and those on the General Provident Fund System are held in Fund Computerization Cell of the P.F. Group.


The Training Wing is manned by two full-time Assistant Accounts Officers (A.A.Os) under Branch Officer (Admn.-I) who act as Core Faculty and take the MSO (Admn.) prescribed Courses for Accountants, Clerks and new MTS employees apart from taking sessions in other general programmes and minding all administrative tasks connected with in-house training activities. The Training is also provided by some Guest Faculties as and when the need arises.

Training Progrrame

The training courses conducted in-house can be classified in three different ways viz. (A) (I) Regular Courses (which may be EDP or Non-EDP) which are conducted in compliance with the provisions of the Comptroller & Auditor-General’s Manual of Standing Orders (Administration), Vol.-I or the specific orders of headquarters issued from time to time(II) Courses recommended by the DTC (which may likewise be EDP or Non-EDP) ;(B) (I) EDP Courses (which may be General like a Familiarization Course on Computer Fundamentals or Functional like a Course on VLC Software or Pension-System Automation Initiative) and (II) Non-EDP Courses (which may likewise be General or Functional) ; and (C) (I) General Courses which are not related to any particular functional area of the office like those on the writing of APARs, Conduct and Disciplinary Rules, Peer Review, the Right to Information Act, Office Procedure, Familiarization with Computer Fundamentals, Gender Sensitization, Fire Hazards & Disaster Management etc., and (II) Functional Courses like those connected exclusively with any particular functional area like Pension, State Government Accounts, Provident Fund etc. After completion of each course, the participants are asked to fill in a simple Course Evaluation Form to comment on different aspects of the course and rate the members of the faculty on the basis of their performance.