Pension Revision

Sl No. Notification No. Date Subject Download
1, 536-F(Pen) 01/10/2019 Revision of Pension / Family Pension of Pre 01.01.2016 and Post 01.01.2016 Pensioners / Family Pensioners
2.  660-F(Pen) 16/12/2019 Introduction of Revised Format of Annexure-I, II and III issued in terms of Notification No. 536-F (Pen) dated-1st October, 2019
3.  680-F(Pen) 23/12/2019 Clarification regarding further Commutation of Pension due to ROPA, 2019
4,  690-F(Pen) 30/12/2019 Notification for Revision of Pension / Family Pension / Gratuity
5. 213-F(Pen) 12/06/2020 Grant of provisional pension for the State Govt. employees facing delayed process of pension due to Lock-down situation related to COVID-19 outbreak