This Office maintains the broadsheet and the following Accounts:

  • Consolidated Accounts of various functional loans and advances granted by the State Govt.
  • Detailed Accounts of loans and advances to the employees of the State Govt.
  • Treasury wise accounts of the State Government Employees Group Insurance Schemes

The Detailed Accounts of loans which are sanctioned by Government Departments are maintained in this office. In this case, it is seen that the conditions of repayment of loans and advances are being complied with the loanee and the sections shall exercise a close watch over repayment of principal and realisation of interest, if any. While reviewing the outstanding loans and advances, special attentions are being paid to irregularities in repayment of principal and payment of interest and acknowledgement of balances.

Any default in payment, either of principal or interest of loans and advances, the Detailed Accounts of which are kept by the BS sections, should be reported without delay to the Sanctioning Authority. If that authority enforces any penal interest upon the overdue instalments of principal, it will be the duty of the Broadsheet Section to watch the recovery of the penal interest.