Sl. No. Activity Authority Concerned.
01 Maintaining of  Pension Register as prescribed in WBS (DCRB), 1971 as amended by GO No. 5977-F dated 27-06-85 and  preparing  a list of employees under his control who will retire within the next 30/24 months on 1st January/1st July of each year in duplicate and  sending  a copy of the same to AG Office & Finance Department.
Issuing  a notice to the retiring Govt. employee two years in advance from the date of superannuation enclosing relevant papers (Form-5, Form C/Form A, Annexure A) with the direction to  submit  the said forms along with other documents one year in advance from the date of superannuation.
Obtaining of   a pay statement and calculation sheet showing admissible pension, gratuity, commuted value of pension and family pension from DDO when the Head of the Office is not the DDO himself.
Preparing  and sending pension papers along with duly filled in Single Comprehensive Form and Service Book, complete in all respects to AG Office six months in advance from the date of superannuation of the employee.
Head of the Office/Pension Sanctioning Authority.
02 Scrutiny  for determining admissibility of Pension, Commuted Value of Pension, Retiring/ Death Gratuity & Family pension, on receipt of pension papers from the Head of the Office.
Return of  the case to the Head of the Office, in case any dispute in fixation of pay is noticed and/or any information or clarification is wanting.
Sending of Admissibility Report  for pensionary benefits along with Service Book, authority for gratuity and commuted value of Pension as well as the letters (both for the office and the pensioner) to the Head of the Office / PSA **
PAG(A&E), W.B.  
03 Issue of  special seal authority for payment of pension, commuted value of pension & gratuity, if the pensioner desires to draw pension outside this State.
** Authority for gratuity and commuted value of pension in respect of employees of the  non-government colleges  are sent to the concerned Pension Disbursing Authority instead of Head of the Office/ Pension Sanctioning Authority.
04 Drawing of  bill for payment of gratuity and commuted value of pension as authorized by PAG (A&E). DDO
05 Order  for sanctioning Dearness Relief/Medical Relief/Ex-gratia etc. Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal / Administrative  Deptt. concerned
06 Issue  of general circular for payment of dearness relief/medical relief/ex-gratia grant to the authorized banks within the Kolkata Corporation area/concerned treasuries in the districts/other Accountants General office as the case may be after receiving order from the Finance Department/Administrative Deptt./ Ministry etc. concerned.    PAG(A&E), W.B.  
07 Disbursement  of pension and other allowances (i.e. Dearness Relief, Medical Relief, Ex-gratia etc.) after receipt of Special Seal Authority /Pension Payment Order/Government Orders/Circulars.
Calculation  of arrears of pension/family pension.
Restoration  of Commuted portion of pension
Commencement of Family Pension  on the death of the pensioner on receipt of application along with Death Certificate from the spouse.
Obtaining  remarriage / unmarried/ re-employment / un-employment / life certificate of the pensioner/family pensioners annually. 
Concerned paying Bank/Treasury.  
07a Transfer of Payment Point of Pension  from one treasury to another within the State of West Bengal or one branch to another branch of same bank within Kolkata Municipal Corporation area may be accomplished directly by sending both halves of PPO with last payment certificate to the desired treasury or branch of the bank (through link branch) as the case may be under intimation to AG Office. However, where transfer of pension is intended from any treasury to any bank in Kolkata Municipal Corporation area or vice-versa and outside this State, both halves of PPO with last payment certificate to be sent to AG Office by the present Pension Disbursing Authority for further action. Concerned paying Bank/Treasury  and AG office
08 Accounting  of Pension payment. PAG(A&E), W.B.
09 Sanction  of Family Pension to other eligible members viz. minor children / physically / mentally retarded child /un-married/widowed/divorced daughters / dependent parents, where both pensioner and spouse expired.
Sanction  of time barred claims over 3 years.
Sanction  of lifetime arrears of pension where no nomination for arrear pension exists.
Disputes  regarding fixation of retirement benefits.
Head of the Office/Pension Sanctioning Authority.  
10 Any  disputes regarding admissibility of pensionary benefits/pay fixation/service condition etc. Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal / Administrative Deptt. concerned
11 Any grievance relating to payment of pensionary benefits through bank/treasury. PAG (A&E), W.B./ Dir. of Treasuries & Accounts / Link Branch of PSB as the case may be