Withdrawals may be sanctioned by the authorities competent to sanction, at any time after the completion of fifteen years of service (including broken periods of Services, if any) of the subscribers.

Conditions for withdrawal

The withdrawal will not be permissible more than once in every six months, i.e. twice in any financial year.

Only one withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose.

The amount of withdrawal will be limited to that prescribed in Rule 15 and 16 GPF (CS) Rules 1960. 

In one financial year, a subscriber can draw either the temporary advance or the part final withdrawal after a gap of 6 months of drawal of any one, so that there would be only two withdrawals in a year.

Final withdrawals from the Fund

Final withdrawal of accumulation in the Fund shall become payable to the government official;

when a subscriber quits the service

when a subscriber retires on superannuation.

in case of death while in service

Submission of application for final withdrawal

The application duly signed by the subscriber / claimant for the final withdrawal of the balance at credit in the account should be given to the department one year before the date of retirement and it is to be forwarded to Accountant General's office along with requisite documents by the authority, who is competent to sanction temporary advance / part final withdrawal to the subscriber.

Preparation of schedule of G.P.F. deduction

Schedule of General Provident Fund Deduction should be attached with each month’s salary Bill. It is utmost necessary to fill up this schedule correctly.

Special Pay, if  any, in terms of Rule 5(28) of W.B.S.R. Part-I should be mentioned along with the Basic Pay at column No. 3 of the schedule  where there is provision to mention Pay or/and leave salary for the month.

G.P.F. account Number with prefixed guide letters (viz, works, police, Admn, Agri, Edn, Just etc.) should be mentioned correctly and arranged chronologically.

One carbon copy of the Schedule should be kept in D.D.O’s office. Furnishing of attested copy of carbon copy of schedule will help speedy regularisation of Missing Credit.

Subscriber’s name should not be written in short form in the schedule. As for example, Bimal Baran Roy should not be written as B.B. Roy.

Interest need not be calculated on the deposits of Mohammedan subscribers if they do not desire it. But when they change their minds, interest may be allowed from the beginning of the financial year in which the intimation received.[G.I.F.D.NO.1962 F, dt. 19-4-1940 & 2652 FF, dt.18-12-1922]

In case at the time of retirement, a subscriber is found to have drawn from the fund an amount in excess of the amount standing to his credit, the overdrawn amount shall be recovered by deduction in one lump sum from the relief in pension of the subscriber. The amount of relief till the entire overdrawal amount together with interest is duly recovered. For the purpose, the rate of interest to be changed on overdrawn amount shall be 2 ½ % over and above the normal rate of interest.

[Govt. of W.B.F.D.No.3241-F dt.18-3-1989]