The Welfare needs of the staff members of this office as well as the pensioners drawing pension from this office and employees from State Govt. offices are monitored, identified and managed by the Accounts Officer (Welfare) assisted by a Welfare Assistant. The important functioning of Welfare Wing are to conduct Sports & Cultural activities with the cooperation of Treasury Buildings Institute, to render help by providing First –aid as well as hospitalization in need and an arrangement of a Doctor has also been made for treatment of the staff members and pensioners on every Monday from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Sick Room along with the Office of the Pr. A.G. (G&SSA), West Bengal, the Departmental Canteen and to maintain the IA&AD Benevolent Fund.

The quality of food is closely monitored regularly.   Arrangement for sale counter of canteen in all the floors of both G.I. Press Buildings and Treasury Buildings is not possible presently due to space problem and shortage of canteen staffs.  The Recruitment Rule for Departmental Canteen is yet to be framed by the Headquarters’ Office.

On emergency, ailing member of staffs/pensioners of this office are taken to the nearby Government Hospitals by availing the staff car/inspection vehicle as and when available.

Cleanliness of different toilets is strictly inspected and toilets are made clean various times in a working day. Regarding construction of ladies toilet in front of Pension Payment Counter at G. I. Press Building, the matter may be intimated to the Record Section for taking up with the CPWD Department.

Supply of Potable water is not feasible in present days as this office is equipped with a good number of Aqua Guard Cooler-cum-Purifier Machines & R.O. Machines for supplying the purified and cold water and a strict vigilance is kept by the Welfare Section regarding the maintenance of the said Cooler-cum-Purifier & R.O. Machines.  If, any machine found in defunct condition, the matter is immediately reported to Record Section and the machine is restored as soon as possible.  In summer, as such, there is no scarcity of drinking water at this office building and it is noticed that everybody wants to drink the cold water from R.O. Machines but there is some limitations of said machines as it can supply certain amount of purified cold water at a time.   Regarding water connection of Kolkata Corporation, the matter may be intimated to the Record Section.

The demand of Creche may be intimated to the Estate Manager although there is a acute space crunch in Treasury Buildings Complex.