Central Audit Party (CAP)

Function of FAW-II Section 

1. FAW-II section is the Controlling Section of all CAPs.

2. Issuance of Audit Notes to the divisions and clearance of Audit Notes after receipt of the reply / compaliance from divisions.

3. Audit of Tenders received from Works Division.

4. Scrutiny of orders related to sanctions and watch over Contingency Fund Advance given from the Contingency Fund which could not be recouped.

5. Maintenance of records of Misappropriation and Embezzlement cases, Theft or loss of Government money etc.

6. Scrutiny of Treasury Inspection report submitted by the Treasury Miscellaneous section of AG (A&E)-II, Nagpur.

7. Maintenance of Guard File regarding Govt. of Maharashtra GRs/ Orders etc and sending them to concerned section after segregation.


Function of CAPs (Works, Forest and Civil/ Fund)

Audit of Monthly Complied Accounts and its Vouchers enclosed and received from all over Maharashtra of Public Works (165 divisions) and Forest (162 divisions) and also scrutiny of vouchers of 19 Treasuries of Vidarbha & Marathwada Region received from Departmental Compilation (DC) Section, Pension and Fund Section’s of AG (A&E)-II Maharashtra Nagpur.

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