Annual activities of the Official Language Section

  • Submission of Hindi Quarterly Progress Report pertaining to the progressive use of Official Language Hindi ,every quarter to Headquarters, Narakas, Official Language Department and Branch Office, Mumbai. After that organizing the meeting of the Official Language Implementation Committee every quarter to review the Hindi quarterly progress report of the concerned quarter and to ensure the smooth implementation of Official Language Hindi in the office.
  • According to the guidelines of the Official Language Department and Headquarters Office, to organize Hindi workshop every quarter to remove the difficulties faced by the office personnel in working in Hindi.
  • To inspect the Official Language Implementation of various sections of the office and issue inspection / suggestive report.
  • To nominate and provide training to personnels of the office                                                                                                                                     for various training programs offered by the Department of Official Language such as language, typing, stenography training etc.
  • Publication of biannual Hindi in-house magazine “Rashmi” of the office for the propagation of Official Language Hindi.
  • To attend half-yearly meetings of the Town Official Language Implementation Committee and implement the decisions taken, in the office effectively.
  • To ensure compliance of directives received from the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and headquarters related to the implementation of Official Language Hindi in the office.
  • To facilitate official language inspections conducted by the Department of Official Language and Headquarters.
  • To organize Hindi Day / Hindi Week / Hindi Fortnight as per the instructions of the Department of Official Language and Headquarters Office.


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