Sl.No. Cluster-wise list of PSUs under AMG-V W/NW[1] P/C/AB[2]
Energy and Power
1 Aurangabad Power Company Limited (Subsidiary) W P
2 Dhopave Coastal Power Limited (Subsidiary) W P
3 Mahagenco Ash Management Services Limited § (Subsidiary) W P
4 M.S.E.B. Holding Company Limited W P
5 Maharashtra Power Development Corporation Limited W P
6 Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution  Company Limited W P
7 Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission  Company Limited W P
8 Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited W P
9 Maharashtra Energy Development  Agency (MEDA) W AB
10 Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission W AB
11 Kharghar Vikhroli Transmission Private Limited W P
Industry and Commerce
12 Maharashtra State Mining Corporation Limited W P
13 Mahaguj Collieries Limited W P
14 Maha Tamil Collieries Limited W P
15 MSMC Adkoli Natural Resources Limited (Subsidiary) W P
16 MSMC Warora Collieries Limited (Subsidiary) W P
17 Development Corporation of Konkan Limited W P
18 Western Maharashtra Development Corporation Limited W P
19 Maharashtra Petrochemicals Corporation Limited W P
20 Krupanidhi  Limited  (Subsidiary) W P
21 Dairy Development Corporation of Marathwada Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
22 Ellora Milk Products Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
23 Parbhani Krishi Go-samvardhan Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
24 Vidarbha Quality Seeds Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
25 Development Corporation of Vidarbha Limited NW P
26 Maharashtra Industrial Gas Transmission Company Limited NW P
27 Marathwada Development Corporation Limited NW P
28 Godavari Garments Limited  (Subsidiary) NW P
29 Kinwat Roofing Tiles Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
30 Maharashtra Electronics Corporation Limited NW P
31 Marathwada Ceramic Complex Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
32 The Gondwana Paints and Minerals Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
33 Leather Industries Corporation of Marathwada Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
34 Vidarbha Tanneries Limited  (Subsidiary) NW P
35 Maharashtra Small Scale Industries Development Corporation  Limited W P
36 Aurangabad Industrial Township Limited W P
37 Maharashtra State Financial Corporation W C
38 Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation W C
39 Maharashtra State Powerlooms Corporation Limited W P
40 Maharashtra State Textile Corporation Limited NW P
41 The Pratap Spinning, Weaving and Manufacturing Company Limited (Subsidiary) NW P
42 Maharashtra State Handlooms Corporation Limited W P
[1] W- Working; NW- Non-working
[2] P – Public sector company; C – Statutory Corporation; AB – Autonomous Body
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