About General Provident Fund/ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯ ಭವಿಷ್ಯ ನಿಧಿಯ ಕುರಿತು

The Accountant General (A & E) maintains the individual GPF accounts of nearly 4.8 Lakh employees of the Karnataka State Government. The Funds group is headed by an IA & AS Officer in the rank of Deputy Accountant General. Karnataka General Provident Fund governed by “The Karnataka State General Provident Fund Rules Of 1957”.

  • A Subscriber shall subscribe monthly to the fund except during a period of suspension. Provided that subscriber, may at his option, not subscribe during leave which either does not carry any leave salary or carries leave salary equal to or less than half pay or half average pay. Provided further that a subscriber on reinstatement after a period passed under suspension shall be allowed the option of paying in one sum, or in instalments, any sum not exceeding the maximum amount of arrears subscription permissible for the period. The subscriber shall intimate his intention not to subscribe during the leave in the following manner (a) If he is an officer who draws his own bill, by making no deduction on account of subscription in his first bill drawn after proceeding on leave. (b) If he is not an Officer who draws his own pay bills, by written communication to the Head of his Office before he proceeds on leave. Failure to make due and timely intimation shall be deemed to constitute that the subscriber elects to subscribe. The option intimated by the subscriber shall be final. (Rule 10 (1,2)) A Government servant due to retire on superannuation shall be exempted from making any subscription to the GPF during last six months of his service. The discontinuance of subscription would be compulsory and not optional.

  • Withdrawal from the balance at the credit of the subscriber from the Fund may be permitted for the following purposes: For Purchase of Site or building acquisition, reconstruction or redemption of own house. For meeting the cost of higher education of self or dependent children. For meeting expenditure on marriage purpose. For making deposit for booking a car/motor cycle/scooter/moped etc. The concession will be admissible to the employees at any time not earlier than ten years before attaining the age of superannuation or when the subscriber has completed twenty years of total service (including broken service if any) whichever is earlier for the purpose specified in the sub-rule (1). (Rule 24 (1)). Conditions for Withdrawal Only one withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose.Withdrawal from the Provident Fund shall not ordinarily exceed 12 months pay or seventy five percent of the balance amount outstanding to the credit of the subscriber.The Head of the Department can sanction a withdrawal of 90 Percent of the balance, without assigning any reason, during the last 12 months of service of the subscriber. This can be availed only once.

  • This site helps the subscribers to view their GPF account status online. This covers GPF in respect of All India Services Officers and all the employees of Government of Karnataka.

About Pension/ಪಿಂಚಣಿ ಕುರಿತು

This Office is responsible for the verification of pension claims and authorization of pensionary benefits relating to: State Government Employees, State Aided Educational Institutions Employees, allocated employees of Universities in the State of Karnataka, All India Service Officers borne on Karnataka Cadre, Judges of High Court of Karnataka, Members of Karnataka Public Service Commission, Political Pensioners and Artist Pensioners.

About Gazetted Entitlement/ಗೆಜೆಟೆಡ್ ಹಕ್ಕುಗಳ ಕುರಿತು

G.E Group deals with determination of entitlement like pay and allowances, leave, long term advances in respect of the following categories of dignitaries/gazetted officers : 1. The Governor of Karnataka and his ADC 2. Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Chairman, Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council, Leaders of the Opposition in both the Houses and the Chief Whip. 3. Members of All India Services 4. Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members of the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal. 5. Lokayukta and Upalokayukta 6. Chairpersons of the non-official Commissions or Committees 7. Group ‘A’ and certain category of Group ‘B’ officers of Karnataka Government. The entitlement so determined is then communicated to the respective Heads of Office i.e DDO / Officers through pay slip to enable drawal of pay and allowances.

  • A Pay slip is issued to an officer in the following cases: a) On his first appointment / promotion b) On enhancement or addition to pay c) On enhancement of rate of HRA & CCA d) On transfer from one post to the other provided there is change in designation and emoluments. (No pay slip is required for drawl of enhanced DA. It can be drawn based on the Government orders issued from time to time.) Issue of pay slip on first appointment/transfer/promotion: Documents required : a) Government order b) C T C in respect of both Reporting and Relieving ( R & R ) c) Declaration regarding HRA Note: For issue of pay slip on appointment to a gazetted post on promotion from a non-gazetted post, in addition to the above documents, Service Register and the Last Pay Certificate are to be sent this office. Promotion from one gazetted cadre to another : Documents required : (i) Promotion order (ii) C.T.C (iii) Option under KCS (TBA) rules, 1983 and KCS (Automatic Grant of Special Promotion to Senior Scale) Rules, 1991, where ever necessary within prescribed time limit. Promotions with retrospective effect : Documents required : (i) Promotion order indicating relevant provisions under Karnataka State Civil Services (Regulation of Promotion, Pay and Pension) Act, 1973 and rules made under there (ii) Options under K.C.S.(Time Bound Advancement) Rules,1983 and K.C.S. (Automatic Grant of Special Promotion to Senior Scale of Pay) Rules, 1991, where necessary, within the prescribed time limit from the date of issue of promotion order. Officers on Foreign service Pay intimation will be sent to the foreign employer on receipt of transfer order, terms of deputation, certificate of transfer charge (both handing over and taking over), and the Last Pay Certificate. Documents required : 1. Last Pay Certificate 2. C.T.C. (both R & R) 3. Order regularizing the period of absence, if any Compulsory waiting After relinquishing charge of the post held and while waiting for fresh posting, an officer will not be entitled to salary for the such period of waiting till the Govt. regularizes the period as duty either or leave. Thereafter the salary will be authorized separately for such period. Documents required : 1. Last Pay Certificate 2. C.T.C. for having handed over 3. Order regularizing the period of absence Suspension Gazetted Govt. servants under orders of suspension will be authorized subsistence allowance for a period of 12 months. Documents required : 1. C.T.C. for having handed over charge. 2. A declaration of non-employment during the period of suspension. 3. Suspension order

  • Annual increments will be released as a matter of course unless withheld by the competent authority. Release of the increments is further subject to regularization of periods of absence from duty it any and receipt of C.T.C. after leave or training. Further for the Officer’s who are on the Foreign Service certificate under Rule 53 (f) of KCSR is required. In respect of Stagnation Increment sanction from department is required. Leave On receipt of application for leave in duplicate from the officer/controlling authority/ sanctioning authority, leave at credit as also the admissible limit as per rules will be certified on the application itself and the same will be sent to the authority competent to sanction leave. No pay slip is required for drawal of leave salary up to 120 days of Earned Leave. Based on sanction order and the certificate of transfer of charge, the concerned Officer can draw his leave salary and allowances with reference to the pay slip issued earlier. In case of leave other than E.L, a pay slip authorizing the admissible leave salary would be issued based on the sanction order and certificate of transfer of charge.

  • This Portal helps the Gazetted officer of the State Govt. to view and download their Pay Slip and Leave details.