GPF Information/ಜಿಪಿಎಫ್ ಮಾಹಿತಿ

Eligibility to join the Fund.-

(1) Subject to the provisions of sub-rules (2) and (3), the following classes of Government servants shall be eligible to join the Fund, except those who joined to the service on or after 01.04.2006;

(a) All full members of any service whether pensionable or nonpensionable whose conditions of service are governed by the Karnataka State Civil Service Act, 1978.

(b) All probationers in any service who are eligible to be made full members of the service on due completion of their period of probation.

(c) All persons appointed on probation or in an officiating or temporary capacity, provided they have been employed or in the opinion of the Head of the Office, are likely to be employed for at least one year.

(d) Re-employed pensioners (inclusive of those appointed on contract basis) Provided that, they are re-employed abinitio for more than one year continued in re-employment for more than one year. In the later case, they will be eligible to subscribe to the fund only after completing one year’s service.

(2) No Government servant who has been required or permitted to subscribe to a Contributory Provident Fund shall be eligible to join as a subscriber to the Fund, while he retains his right to subscribe to such a Fund.

(3) Any Government Servant not qualified for membership under this rule who has been duly admitted to membership under rules or orders heretofore in force shall continue to be a member and shall be governed by any special provisions relating to obligation for, and rates of, subscription from time to time contained in those rule or orders so long as his conditions of service continue to be determined by the Governor.

5 (4) Employees appointed on transfer to State Government Service from any other State or Central Government Service..

 (5) All other eligible Government Servant may elect to join the Fund.

 (6) The Chairman and every other member of the Karnataka Public Service Commission may, at his option, subscribe to the fund in accordance with the rules or orders governing the Fund.

(7) Employees of the Karnataka State Legislature and High Court of Karnataka who were members of the fund.

 (8) Any other Government employee or class of government servant to who the State Government may by general or special order make these rules applicable.