GPF Information/ಜಿಪಿಎಫ್ ಮಾಹಿತಿ

Withdrawal from the balance at the credit of the subscriber from the Fund may be permitted for the following purposes:

  • For Purchase of Site or building acquisition, reconstruction or redemption of own house. 
  • For meeting the cost of higher education of self or dependent children. 
  • For meeting expenditure on marriage purpose. 
  • For making deposit for booking a car/motor cycle/scooter/moped etc.

The concession will be admissible to the employees at any time not earlier than ten years before attaining the age of superannuation or when the subscriber has completed twenty years of total service (including broken service if any) whichever is earlier for the purpose specified in the sub-rule (1).        (Rule 24 (1)).

Conditions for Withdrawal

Only one withdrawal is allowed for the same purpose.Withdrawal from the Provident Fund shall not ordinarily exceed 12 months pay or seventy five percent of the balance amount outstanding to the credit of the subscriber.The Head of the Department can sanction a withdrawal of 90 Percent of the balance, without assigning any reason, during the last 12 months of service of the subscriber.  This can be availed only once.