The main function of the Welfare Cell is to look after the supervision of office building and staff welfare. It includes the structural renovation/upgradation/repairing of office building and electrical works to be done through CPWD Civil and Electrical Division, Shillong. Welfare Cell looks after the cleanliness of the office building as well as the security and safety of the office through the Watch and Ward staff which are under the control Assistant Care Taker. Further, the Welfare Cell also looks after the staff welfare viz. to ensure that drinking water are available at all times, toilets are clean, heating system are in order during winter season, providing first aid in case of minor incident, ferry to hospital if any staff falls sick/collapses while in office. In order to discharge all the duties of Welfare Cell the following staff are engaged under the supervision of one Assistant Accounts Officer.

1. Welfare Assistant : 1 No. (At present there is no Welfare Assistant, however, process of recruitment through Deputation is under process)
2. Assistant Care Taker : 1 No.
3. House Keeping Staff : 7 Nos.
4. Watch and Ward Staff : 7 Nos.