About General Provident Funds

The Accountant General (A&E), Meghalaya maintains the individual GPF accounts of the Meghalaya State Government employees including Group 'D' as per the rules and procedures contained in the Meghalaya Civil Services (General Provident Fund) Rules 1985 as amended from time to time The Provident Fund Group in the Office is headed by an IA&AS Officer in the rank of Sr. Deputy Accountant General/Deputy Accountant General. The Provident Fund of State Government employees are led by the Provisions of the Meghalaya Civil Services (General Provident Fund) Rules 1985.

  • The State of Meghalaya was set up on the 21st day of January, 1972 under the provision of the North Eastern Areas (Re-organisation) Act, 1971 (Central Act 81 of 1971). In view of the provision contained in Section 79 of the Act, all the laws which were in force in the areas comprised in Meghalaya on the date the State of Meghalaya was created continued to be in force therein. In view of clause (g) of Section 2 of the aforesaid Act, the General Provident Fund Rules made under clause (b) of sub-section 241 of the Government of India Act, 1935 also continues to be in force in respect of Meghalaya. The General Provident Fund Act was adapted by the Government of Meghalaya in exercise of powers conferred by Section 79 of the aforesaid Act vide Meghalaya Adaptation Order (No.3) 1973 and consequently the rules framed under the said Act became applicable to Meghalaya.

  • All Government servants, permanent and temporary, borne in the regular establishment and not paid out of contingencies shall subscribe to the Fund. Temporary Government servants shall subscribe after continuous service of one year. Provided that no such servant as has been required or permitted to subscribe to a Contributory Provident Fund shall be eligible to join or continue as a subscriber to the Fund, while he retains his right to subscribe to such a Fund. After completion of one year continuous service by an employee, joining in this scheme is compulsory. The GPF Account Numbers of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ & ‘D’ employees are allotted by the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Meghalaya, Shillong. However, in respect of Group ‘A’ Officers, GPF Account Number are allotted by Office of the Accountant General (A&E), Assam. Subscription to the Provident Fund Should not be deducted from the pay bills before the allotment of account number. For obtaining G.P.F. account number application for this purpose in prescribed format should be sent to the Office of the Principal Account General (A&E), Meghalaya, Shillong, a few weeks before the completion of one year service. If delay occurs in obtaining G.P.F. account number from Principal Accountant General (A&E), Meghalaya, Shillong, arrear subscription is to be deducted. One installment for each month’s arrear subscription is to be deducted along with the present G.P.F. subscription.

  • E-GPF Portal ( https://megonline.nic.in/agegpf ) has been launched on 7th February 2020 wherein subscribers can view and download their GPF information from the Portal.

About Gazetted Entitlement

Meghalaya Gazetted Entitlement wing is responsible for the fixation of pay, issue of pay/leave salary slips, maintenance of history of service/service cards of the Gazetted officers of Meghalaya State including All India Service Officers working in connection with the affairs of the State, Constitutional and Statutory authorities such as Governor, High Court Judges, Ombudsman, Chairman and Members of Kerala Public Service Commission, Commissions and Committees of Inquiry etc. Salary and allowances of non-officials such as Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, MLAs and personal staff of Ministers etc. are also authorized from this office. Since the service records of the Gazetted officers are maintained by Accountant General, the initial processing of their pensionary benefits is also done by this wing.

  • The Pay and allowances admissible to a Gazetted officers of the Meghalaya is regulated/ authorized through a Pay slip issued by the Accountant’s Office in accordance with the rules and regulations of (Govt. of Meghalaya) FR & SR; ROP (s); condition of service/services rules of respective Department issued by the Government of Meghalaya from time to time.

  • E-Payslip Portal ( https://agepayslip.megonline.nic.in ) has been launched on 01 December 2021 wherein Officers can view and download their digitally signed e-Payslip from the Portal.

  • ON FIRST APPOINTMENT • Formal orders of appointment in respect of All India Service Officers and other State Service officers - Statement of Service and Last Pay Certificate from the DDO of the Training Academy (for AIS). • For other State Services - appointment notification , Birth certificate, Charge Report, Incumbency. • Orders from Government regarding creation or continuance of a temporary post or an intimation giving full particulars of the post, if already sanctioned to which appointed • Certificate of assumption of charge indicating the session (Forenoon / Afternoon of the day)

About Pension

The AG (A&E)  Megahalaya authorises the pensionary benefits for the following categories: State Government employees and their families covered under the Meghalaya Civil Services (Pension) Rules,1983 All India Service officers of Meghalaya cadre. Constitutional authorities such as Hon’ble Judges of the High Court in the State, and State Administrative Tribunal, Members of State Public Service Commission etc.

  • Verification and authorization of Regular Pension, Family Pension, Commutation, Gratuities and all other Pension related miscellaneous types of works pertaining to the retired Employees of Govt. of Meghalaya, AIS Officer retired from Meghalaya, High Court Judges, Members of Legislative Assembly.

  • An important responsibility of a Head of Department (HoD)/Drawing and Disbursing Officer(DDO) is to ensure that the pension papers of Officers/Staff under his administrative control are submitted to the Accountant General Office twelve months before the date of superannuation (Rule 67 of MCS (Pension) Rules 1983). Coupled with this responsibility is the duty of the HoD/DDO to ensure that the pension papers submitted to this office are correct and complete in all respect.

  • Procedure for Submission of Application by the concerned Pension Sanctioning Department (i.e. Head of Office/DDO) and the Process involved in authorization for payment of pensioner benefits