Direct Recruit Assistant Audit Officers during Induction Training from 01-02-2019 to 04-05-2019

In order to develop their analytical, public speaking and presentation skills, participants were assigned projects, covering IT, Social Sector and Environment Audit, Performance Audit, Defence Audit and Audit of Regulatory Bodies related areas. The projects were to be completed in a specified time frame. Participants were required to study, research, analyse the topics assigned to them. To accomplish the task participants were divided 11 groups. Each group was expected to bring out the innovative, informative and practical aspects of the project. They were asked to make power-point presentations not exceeding 10 slides.

List of Group Members

Project Area Project Topics Group Presented on Project Work
Information Technology Artifical Intelligence (AI)
a.Background to AI- What is AI? Its use and its impact.
b.AI & impact on future jobs and lifestyles under 4th Industrial revolution.
I 16-03-2019

Artifical Intelligence (AI)
a.How AI can be helpful in Audit.
b.AI policy of India as outlined by NITI Aayog and major points therein.
II 19-03-2019

a.What is Blockchain?
b.Its uses in Finance and Government in countries.
c.Blockchain and Audit.
III 30-03-2019

Knowledge Centre Audit of Regulatory Bodies
a.Scope in India-kinds of regulatory bodies and their role & total number.
b.Audits conducted and findings-broad information.
IV 18-03-2019

Audit of Regulatory Bodies
a.Analysis of one test case.
b.Limitations on Audit of Regulatory Bodies.
V 27-03-2019

Defence Audit
PA on design, development, manufacture and Induction of Light combat Aircraft.
VI 13-03-2019

Defence Audit
Working of Army base workshops.
VII 06-04-2019

Defence Audit
PA on Disbursement of Defence Pension


Performance Audit Environment Audit VIII 02-04-2019

Social Sector Audit- Mid Day Meal IX 09-04-2019

Social Sector Audit- National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) X 10-04-2019

Management , Leadership and Oraganisational behaviour Case Study on Leadership and organisational behaviour XI 15-04-2019

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