RTI Jammu actively engages in interactions, outreach and collaborations with other institutes and academic centres of training/learning. The institute has entered into collaborations with various institutions of repute in the areas of Information Systems, Data Analytics, Responsible AI, Management, IT security and Networking, Statistics, Economics, Defence related domain knowledge, Inventory Management, Supply Chain management, Public Financial Management, Behavioral Sciences including social, environmental and gender themes relating to activities in research and training fields of mutual interest. RTI, Jammu has also sought to initiate joint research projects and participated in panel discussions with centres of study and research in various institutions of repute countrywide.

RTI, Jammu has thus established formal and informal collaborations with the following institutes: - 

  • Jammu University (faculty exchange)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu: -
    A formal MOU was signed with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu on 22nd, January, 2020 (with proposed areas of collaboration including webinars, workshops, sourcing faculty for trainings, exploration of internships and special projects, research work etc.)
  • IIM Calcutta (workshops to be conducted at RTI, Jammu)
  • IMPARD (Institute of Public Administration, Management and Rural Development), Jammu and Kashmir (faculty exchange)
  • Departments of excise and income tax (sourcing faculty for trainings)
  • In the area of Defence Audit trainings and related knowledge work, collaborations with the following Defence institutions have been initiated:-
    • College of Defence Management, Secunderabad
    • Military Engineering Services, Jammu and Kashmir
    • Border Roads Organization, Jammu and Kashmir