Following approval by the Regional Advisory Committee and Headquarters, the RTI, Jammu successfully conducted an online 3.5 day All India Workshop on ‘Responsible AI and Data Analytics’ in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu from 15.7.2020 to 18.7.2020. The workshop aimed to encourage greater familiarity & exposure to this important topic across IAAD.

The workshop received a heartening response with more than 430 requests to participate received from offices all across IAAD. A training cohort of around 295 officers from 86 offices/branch offices across the IAAD were nominated for the training. A total number of 34 IAAS officers (Principal Director and Group Officer level), 92 Sr. AOs, 161 AAOs and 8 other officials attended the training including officers from 18 accounts offices, 60 audit offices including Headquarters office, 7 RTIs and the National Academy of Audit and Accounts. The Principal Director and AAOs from the Kuala Lumpur office also participated in the training in the first instance when officers from an office abroad were trained at an RTI.

Link to the recorded sessions