The Regional Training Institute, Mumbai is one among the ten Regional Training Institutes of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department situated throughout the country. This institute caters to the training requirements of 22 user offices (including RTI Mumbai) of Indian Audit & Accounts Department located in Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. In some specialized courses like Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Commercial Audit, IA & AS Officers are also nominated. The RTI functions on advice rendered by the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) notified by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. The RAC represents 20 user offices & is headed by senior most Head of the Department. The training need analysis is done by each user office to ascertain the training requirement. The Annual Training Calendar is finalized after receiving the training requirements from user offices in RAC meeting after detailed discussion. This institute is headed by a Director General (Higher Administrative Grade) who is assisted by a team of Core Faculty and supporting staff.