Where are the other Regional Training Institutes of IA&AD situated ?
Other RTIs are situated at Allahabad, Jammu, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Nagpur, Kolkata, Chennai, Ranchi and Shillong.
Are courses not approved by RAC conducted by RTI, Mumbai ?
Additional courses can be done as desired by HQ. Additional training can also be done based on request from user offices, after seeking approval from HQ. All these additional courses are apprised to the RAC in the ensuing meeting.
What is RAC ?
It is the “Regional Advisory Committee” which comprises the member representatives from all the user offices as well as our Headquarters Training Wing. This committee meets twice in a year, generally in months of January/ Februaryand August/ September . The RAC finalizes the “Annual Training Calendar” for the RTI based on the training need analysis specified by the user Offices. They also review the working of the Training Institute during the meetings.
How is one working in IA&AD, nominated for training at RTI, Mumbai ?
Nominations are made by the user offices based on their Training Need Analysis for the courses in the Calendar of Training Programmes that is approved by the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) and HQ Training wing every year. The nominations are now being made online through the SAI Training module.
What are the training programmes conducted at RTI, Mumbai ?
RTI Mumbai conducts training on both General and IS related topics besides the topics for which we are the knowledge centre. The General topics include a wide range of topics relating to audit and accounts such as Audit Evidence, Audit Reporting, Compliance Audit, Performance Audit, Certification Audit, Audit of Frauds and Fraud Detection Techniques, Financial Rules & Financial Management, GST, etc. The Knowledge Centre topics include Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Audit of Autonomous Bodies and Commercial Audit. The IS courses are on IT Audit, Auditing in IT Environment, MS Excel with power pivot, Data Analytics, MS Access, Advanced MS Access with Visual Basics, Caseware IDEA, Qlikview, Tableau, Oracle etc.
Can an Officer(s)/Official(s) not working in IA&AD be trained at RTI Mumbai ?
A few training programmes are conducted for non-IA&AD personnel based on requests received with the approved of HQ, i.e., training for local fund auditors, officers from Central Secretariat etc., for which fees may be charged as per norms. International Training programmes are also being conducted as approved by HQ.
Can an Officer(s)/Official(s) of IA & AD, not working in user offices be trained at RTI Mumbai ?
Ordinarily training programmes are conducted for the officers and officials from the IA&AD user offices under our training jurisdiction. However, for Knowledge Centre training programmes and HQ directed Training programmes, participants from IA&AD offices all over India are imparted training.
Who are trained at Regional Training Institute, Mumbai ?
Regional Training Institute, Mumbai caters to the training needs of all the Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD) offices located in Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and Goa. They comprise our 20 user offices.
When did RTI, Mumbai come into existence ?
Regional Training Institute, Mumbai, was established in February 1980 and is functioning smoothly for the last 40 years.
Who are we?
Regional Training Institute (RTI), Mumbai is one of the ten Regional Training Institutes of Indian Audit and Accounts Department (IA&AD).