Report of 2009 - Performance Audit on West Tripura District of Government of Tripura

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Sector Transport & Infrastructure,Information and Communication,Agriculture and Rural Development,Social Welfare,Education, Health & Family Welfare,Social Infrastructure


Recognising the importance accorded by the Planning Commission, Government of India, for a district-centric approach to devolution of finances for an integrated local area development, a district centric audit of West Tripura district was carried out to assess the status and impact on the quality of life of people on implementation of various socio-economic developmental activities in the district during 2004-09. The review covered key Social sector programmes pertaining to Education, Urban Development and Health, Economic sector programmes relating to Employment generation and creation of Roads and general services like facilitation of information through usage of Information Technology (IT) and Sanitation issues like management and handling of Municipal Solid Wastes to provide better public services.

While the review brought out significant achievements relating to Education and Health, there were areas where the State/District administration needs to focus its attention and take urgent corrective action. Perspective Plan and Consolidated Annual Plan was not formulated for the district during the period 2004-09. Also, no shelf of projects was prepared by the District Magistrate and Collector on an annual basis.

The District Planning Committee (DPC) for West Tripura District was constituted only in September 2008 although the 74th Amendment to the Constitution, 1992 mandated the establishment of such Committee for consolidating the plans of each district. The members of the DPC were to meet at least twice a year to review the developmental activities in the district. Till May 2010, the DPC had not held any meeting i.e. even after more than one and a half year of its constitution and therefore, in the absence of any meeting, the DPC failed to discharge its duties.

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