The Administration Wing of the comprises the following sections:

  1. Establishment: - This section inter alia deals in matter of recruitment, promotion, pension, leave, pay, personal claims, allotment of quarters, budget, disciplinary matters and legal cases.
  2. Record: - This section deals in matters of general housekeeping, procurement, maintenance of stock and matters of estate.
  3. EDP Cell: This section deals in purchase, procurement and maintenance of IT hardware, software, other peripherals and organising in house training.
  4. AG/DAG Cell: - Maintenance of APARs. Conducting departmental exams and nomination of invigilators thereof.
  5. Hindi Cell: - General translation related works and works as required under the Rajbhasha scheme.
  6. Cash Cell: - General works of handling of cash of this office.

Consequent upon restructuring of this office in pursuance of HQ letter No. 59/31-SMU/ 2018 dated 09-03-2020, two Audit Management Groups have been created and entrusted to two Deputy Accountants General. The following are the clusters.

Cluster No. Cluster Name (Department)
1 Health and Welfare
2 Education, Skill Development and Employment
3 Rural Department
4 Finance
5 Agriculture, Food and Allied Industries
6 Energy and Power Department
7 Industry and Commerce Department
8 Transport Department
9 Urban Department
10 Water Resources
11 Environment, Science and Technology
12 Public Works
13 IT and Communication
14 Law and Order
15 Culture and Tourism
16 General Administration

Further the follwoing sections/cells are also functiong in this office.

  1. Report
  2. Central Co-ordination, Financial Attest Audit and ABs
  3. Data Analytic Cell
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