For Retiring Government Servants

  • Pension application with dated signature
  • Descriptive Rolls
  • Nomination
  • Family details

For the family of deceased Government Servants

  • Pension application with dated signature
  • Death Certificate of the Government servant
  • Family members certificate issued by revenue authorities
  • Descriptive Rolls of the spouse and all the major members of family for authorising gratuity

For Pensioners

  • Submit Annual verification certificate (life certificate) to the Disbursing authority in time
  • For restoration of commuted portion of pension
    • Approach the Disbursing Authority in case of superannuation / invalidation retirement
    • In case of Voluntary retirement – submit affidavit to this office in the prescribed proforma

For Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSA)

  • Pension Application 
    • Correctness of the application submitted by the applicant (i.e., Part I, DRs, Nomination etc)
    •  Part II A
    • Part II B Sanction
    • Part II C Service particulars
  • Enclose service register
  • No Dues Certificate
  • Last Pay Certificate

Grant in aid certificate in case of aided institutions