What is the role of AG in solving any policy issued governing the RPRs 1980 rules raised by the government servants or pensioners regarding pension?
The role of AG is to act as per the provisions of Telangana State Revised Pension Rules 1980 in finalizing the pension cases duly scrutinizing Service Books, Pay fixation etc. and arriving at the admissibility of pension based on TSRPR 1980.
Can I commute less than 40% of pension?
Yes you can, but the quantum you desire to commute may be specified in the column provided for in part I of the pension application.
What are the general reasons for which a pension proposal is returned by AG office?
A) If the proposals are not routed through proper channel,
B) Not signed by the authority concerned in the proposals or pensioner himself in the self declaration,
C) If part II b is not signed by the PSA or admissible pension is incorrect,
D) if photos on descriptive rolls are not attested across by the gazetted officers of the state government in service, or Specimen Signatures and Identification Marks are not attested by the State Government Gazetted Officer in service or if it is incomplete Shape.
E) if the retired individual being the head of the office and forwards the pension proposals under his own signature instead of through the next higher authority or department.
F) If the pay fixation is not correct or the pay fixation entries are not recorded in the Service Book.
Who is the Authority for consolidating the existing pension in the new pay scales?
The Pension Disbursing authority is competent to consolidate the existing pensions. All queries relating to consolidation must be addressed to the concerned pension payment officers only.
How are pension payment authorities dispatched and can I get my copy of the authority if it is not received or misplaced?
The pension payment order is depatched to treasury officer and drawing officer by speed post and to the pensioner by ordinary post. Yes, the pensioner copy of PPO can be downloaded from here .
However payment can be made by the treasury office without insisting for production of party copy vide Government of AP circular No. 7614-A/127/PSC/89, Fin.&Ping.FW(PSC) dated: 20.12.1989
Are the pension proposal forms provided by AG Office?
No. The forms are available in Government stores and also can be downloaded from AG TS website under Our services -Pension-Download forms- click here
What is the procedure of processing a pension case in AG Office?
All pension proposals received in AG office are primarily scanned, registered and allotted a file number. These cases are then allotted to pension sections through round robin allocation. Each proposal/case is checked manually first and then processed in pension processing software. The pension proposals are checked and processed at three levels with increasing hierarchy and finally authorized by Branch Officer. All cases are treated on first come first served basis.
Will there be a communication to the retired government servant after submission of the pension case?
Yes pensioner will be notified on the receipt of the pension case in AG office via SMS if the mobile number is provided by the pensioner in the pension proposals. The status of the case can be tracked by using this link.
Will interest be paid if there is administrative delay in processing of the Gratuity proposals?
Yes. Interest will be paid on delayed payment of Gratuity as per rule 58 under Telangana State Revised Pension Rules 1980. In this regard AG office has no role to play. The pensioner needs to approach the State Government.
Can the pensioner directly apply to AG Office for revision of pension?
No, Every revision of pension should invariably routed through the respective pension sanctioning authority (PSA). AG only takes action on the pension cases which are routed through respective DDO or PSA.
Can FP Beneficiary request for issue of fresh PPO in his/her name on the death of government servant/service pensioner?
Fresh PPO will not be issued in cases where name of Family pension beneficiary was already included in the original PPO. Fresh PPO will be issued only in cases where name of the family beneficiary is not included at the time of issue of first pension.
What is the procedure to change the name and DOB of FP beneficiary?
On receipt of request from the PSA along with relevant document, this office would carry out necessary changes and intimate the same to the Treasury. However, fresh PPO will not be issued.
Can pension be drawn at a chosen place by the pensioner?
First pension should invariably be drawn at the place of retirement. Subsequently, the pensioner can opt to drawn pension from the desired place of payment.
In case of minor children, where the parents are deceased how should DRs be submitted?
DRs to be submitted by affixing the photo of Guardian at space provided for Single photo and to affix the joint photo of the Guardian along with Family Pensioner at space provided for Joint Photo. DRs are to be attested by the state government Gazetted Officer in service across the photos and at the end of Annexure duly certifying the specimen signatures and identification marks of both the guardian and Family Pensioner.
Can FP be paid to the second wife on submission of relinquishment request in the affidavit?
No, As per rule 50 of RPRs relinquishment of FP will be accepted only with the approval of the government.
Can death gratuity share be relinquished in favour of family members?
Relinquishment of right to receive Retirement Gratuity is not permissible as per Executive instructions (ii) under Rule 47 of TSRPS 1980.
In case of two wives, does second wife qualify for Family Pension?
If the permission is granted by Government for Second marriage, the second wife would qualify for Family Pension. Else, as on the date of death of Service Pensioner (Retired Government servant) only eligible children of the second wife if any are entitled to receive FP.
On dropping of charges, whether commutation is also authorised along with Pension?
No. Pensioner has to apply afresh for commutation. If applied within one year from the date of dropping of charges, Medical examination is not necessary else has to undergo Medical examination also.
Up to what age family pension is admissible for sons/daughters of deceased Government servant?
Under Category – I: Time limit Family Pension admissible to Sons & Unmarried daughters until attainment of 25 years of age or starts earning whichever is earlier.
Under Category – II: In the case of Unmarried/ Widowed/ Divorced daughters, not covered under Category – I above, upto the date of marriage/remarriage or till the date she starts earning or upto the date of death whichever is the earliest, provided they are wholly dependent on the employee/pensioner.
Are married daughters eligible for share of gratuity?
Yes, subject to Rule 47 of Telangana Revised Pension Rules 1980.
From which date the last pay has been taken into account for calculating pensionary benefits?
As per GO No.87 Finance and Planning (FW-pen-I) dt: 25.05.1998, last pay has been taken into account w.e.f 25.05.1998 for calculating pensionary benefits.
Is appointment of a guardian necessary for payment of Family pension to physically/mentally disabled children?
Family pension shall be paid to such disabled children through the guardian as if they are minor.
Is advance authorization for Family Pension in favour of Widowed/divorced/un-married daughters possible?
Advance authorization is available only for spouse and physically/mentally disabled children and not for others.
What is the procedure for transferring the PPO to other State?
The pensioner has to approach the pension disbursing authority with an application for transfer. The disbursing authority shall forward the PPO to the office of AG (A&E). AG office shall forward the PPO to the AG office of the State concerned Where the pensioner has opted to draw the pension.
How to get PPO transferred from one district to another district?
The pensioner has to approach the pension disbursing authority with an application for transfer. The disbursing authority shall forward the PPO to the new disbursing authority and intimate the fact to AG for allotting New PPO No.
Is party copy mandatory for the pensioner to take his pensionary benefits from Treasury?
The Govt of AP has issued instructions to all the pension disbursing authorities vide circular No:7614-A/127/PSC/89, Fin.&Ping. FW(PSC) dated 20.12.1989 (hyperlink)for not insisting production of party copy.
How can a pensioner obtain a copy of his PPO?
For new pensioners:
As soon as his/her pension is authorized by this office, a copy of the PPO will be sent to the pensioner through Indian Post. However if pensioner is not in receipt of it the same can be downloaded from here.
For existing pensioners:
Duplicate copy of the PPO can be obtained from the Treasury office from where pension is being drawn
What is the time frame within which AG finalizes pension cases?
As per the norms laid down in the citizens charter AG shall authorize original and revision pension cases within 30 working days from the date of receipt except in case of revision cases due to pay revision under TSRPS 2020.