How to avoid penal interest in case of minus balance (i.e. recovery of overpayment) during service and after your retirement ?
The recovery of amount drawn in excess of the amount at your credit will be recovered along with 2.5% up to date interest over and above the normal rate of interest. This recovery should be deposited by you in one lump-sum otherwise will be realized from your pay, arrears and land revenue.
How to get a copy of G.P.F. Pass Book ?
You are entitled to get a copy of our Pass Book from your DD.O. by depositing prescribed
How to ensure correct maintenance of G.P.F. Pass Book ?
Your Pass book is maintained by your D.D.O. and in case of your transfer it will be forwarded to that Office along with your L.P.C.
Verify your Pass Book annually.
Ensure that all the subscription, Recovery of advance, Temporary advances and Withdrawal taken by you is correctly entered. All the columns of Pass Book are correctly filled in and certified by your concerned D.D.O. of that posting (separately for debit and credit both) and closing is done properly.
There should be no cutting, erasing or overwriting in the Pass Book if, any correction is required the same must be attested by the D.D.O.

Only then you should sign your Pass Book in token of its annual verification.
How to ensure that recovery is made against correct account number ?
After posting of the subscription in the subscribers account a message with all the details is forwarded through SMS on their registered mobile number. Subscriber can also check their subscription in Ledger Card section of the website of this office. Apart from that they
should verify frequently that only correct account number/name is given in the G.P.F. schedule prepared by their D.D.O.
How to deposit subscription if posted in Foreign Service?
If posted in U.P., the amount should be deposited in State Bank of India through Treasury Challan with complete details like GPF Account No., Name of subscriber, Salary month etc.

If posted outside U.P., the amount should be forwarded to Accounts Officer, A.G. (A&E)-I, U.P. through a Bank Draft/Cheque ccompanied by complete details in schedule as well as in the back of the Bank Draft/cheque itself.
What is the amount of subscription?
Other than Class IV - The amount should not be less than 10 percent of basic pay and not more than the amount of basic pay. AISPF – The amount should not be less than 6 percent of emolument and not more than the amount of emoluments.
How GPF account number can be allotted?
Send your application in prescribed proforma through your D.D.O. to A.G.U.P. well before
the completion of one year of service.