Members of the Regional Advisory Committee of Regional Capacity Building & Knowledge Institute Hyderabad:-

1 Principal Accountant General (Audit),Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati
2 Accountant General (Audit), Telangana, Hyderabad
3 Principal Accountant General (Audit - I), Karnataka, Bengaluru
4 Accountant General (Audit - II), Karnataka, Bengaluru
5 Principal Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati
6 Accountant General (A&E),Telangana, Hyderabad
7 Principal Accountant General (A & E), Karnataka, Bengaluru
8 Director General of Audit (Central), Hyderabad
9 Principal Director of Audit (Central), Bengaluru
10 Director General Commercial Audit & Ex-officio Member Audit Board, Hyderabad
11 Principal Director of Commercial Audit & Ex-Officio Member of  Audit Board, Bengaluru
12 Principal Director of Audit (South Central Railway), Secunderabad
13 Principal Director of Audit (South Western Railway), Hubli, Karnataka
14 Director of Audit (Fin. & Communication),Hyderabad
15 Director of Audit (Fin. & Communication), Bengaluru       
16 Director of Audit, Environment and Scientific Department, Bengaluru
17 Director of Audit, Air Force, Bengaluru
18 Director of Audit, Navy, Mumbai Branch at Visakhapatnam
19 Resident Audit Office at Hyderabad,South zone, Chennai Branch Office, O/o Principal Director of Audit (Agriculture, Food and Water Resources) New Delhi
20 Director General, RCB&KI, Hyderabad - Member Secretary
21 Representatives from Headquarters Office

The Annual Training Calendar has been drawn up on the basis of the recommendations of the Regional Advisory Committee, the Training Need Analysis projected by the user offices and also on the basis of the instructions received from Headquarters office from time to time.