What is CoTP?
Calendar of Training Programes (CoTP) comprises the training programs to be conducted by the RTI, Hyderabad in a given year. It provides detailed scheduled of both General and IS courses along with number of slots allotted to each user office.
What is the role of Regional Advisory Committee?
The “Regional Advisory Committee” which comprises the member representatives from all the user offices as well as our Headquarters training wing. This committee meets twice in a year, generally in months of February/March and September /October. The RAC finalizes the “Annual Training Calendar” for the RTI based on the training need analysis specified by the user Offices. The also review the working of the this Training Institute during the meetings.
Which user offices of IA&AD comes under the jurisdiction of RTI, Hyderabad?
RTI, Hyderabad caters to the training requirements of nineteen offices of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department which exists in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana States.
When the Regional Training Institute, Hyderabad came into existance?
Regional Training Institute, Hyderabad was established in July 2018