Ravi Kumar G.V.V.S.S.S.S.

Core faculty (Civil)

Education qualification : M.Sc

Areas of Specialisation : Compliance Audit; Performance Audit; Drafting of Reports

Email: Kumargvvsssr.anp.sca@cag.gov.in

Asha Lata K.R.

Core faculty (Commercial)

Education qualification:  B. Com (Computers), MBA (Financial)  CMA (ICWA)

Areas of Specialisation :

Email: Ashalatakr.anp.sca@cag.gov.in

Krishnama Raju J

Core faculty

Education qualification: MA

Areas of Specialisation :

Email: rajujk.anp.sca@cag.gov.in

Subramanya Sarma A.V.S.S.

Core faculty (Information Systems)

Education qualification: B.Com, B.C.A, M.C.A.

Areas of Specialisation : Database Design, Development of applications, Process improvement using IT applications, Data Analysis

Email: sarma_avsss55.anp.ae@cag.gov.in

Shyam Das O.V.

OIOS officer

Education qualification: B. Com, MA (Eco), PG PMIR


Email: Shyamd.ker.au@cag.gov.in

Pamidi Sreedhar

IS Core Faculty

Education qualification: B Tech
Areas of Specialisation : Data Analytics
Email: pamidis.swrly@cag.gov.in