Regional Advisory Committee The Regional Advisory Committee oversees the training activities of RTC Bengaluru. The composition of the committee is as below as notified by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India from time to time:

  • Principal Accountant General/Accountant General (Audit - I), Karnataka, Bengaluru
  • Director General/ Principal Director of Audit (Central), Bengaluru
  • Principal Accountant General/Accountant General (Accounts & Entitlements), Karnataka, Bengaluru
  • Principal Director of  Audit, Defence-Commercial,Bengaluru
  • Director General/Principal Director of Audit, South Western Railway, Hubli, Karnataka
  • Principal Account General/Accountant General (Audit - II), Karnataka, Bengaluru
  • Director/Deputy Director of Audit, Finance & Communication Audit Office, Bengaluru
  • Director/Deputy Director of Audit, Air Force, Karnataka, Bengaluru
  • Director/Deputy Director of Audit, Scientific Department, Bengaluru        

The committee meets under the Chairpersonship of the senior most member present in the Meeting and the Principal Director of RTC, Bengaluru is the Secretary of the Regional Advisory Committee meetings.