The Regional Capacity Building and Knowledge Centre, Bengaluru, is situated in a rented building owned by the Karnataka Slum Development Board, Bengaluru. The centre has a chamber for the Principal Director, RCB&KC, who heads the centre. It has chambers for the SrAOs who handle the various training sessions as well as the administrative issues of RCB&KC. The centre also has a chamber which is shared by AAOs who handle general training sessions, knowledge centre topics, administrative issues, and the e-HRMS helpdesk work at RCB&KC.

Apart from above, RCB&KC’s infrastructural facilities include the following:

General Lab:There is one general hall equipped with a desktop system, and a projector for facilitation of trainings on general topics.

Computer Labs: There are two computer labs equipped with a total of 37 computer systems for the training participants. There are three more computers installed for the instructors. Both the labs are equipped with projectors, along with white boards. Further, both the computer labs are provided with LAN connection.

Library: RCB&KC’s library has a stock of over 638 books on various subjects. CDs and reading material are available on subjects such as Accountancy, Performance Audit, Environmental Audit, Local Bodies Audit, Revenue Audit, Fraud Detection Techniques, Forensic Audit, Various Softwares etc. The library is also maintained in MS Access software.