Sl.No Faculty Name Specialization
1 Ms P V Meena, SAO (Core Faculty-General)  Acts , Rules and Regulations-Constitution of India, DPC Act, 1971 and Amendments, Regulation of audit and accounts -2007 and 2020, Accounting /Auditing Standards and ISSAI Standards, Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act, Karnataka Municipal Corporations and Karnataka Municipalities Acts, Internal Control Evaluation Manual, Standing order on role of Audit in relation to cases of Fraud & Corruption, Environment and climate change Auditing guidelines 2010,Public private Partnerships in infrastructure projects, Audit Quality Management Framework, Performance Auditing Guidelines 2014, Compliance Auditing Guidelines, Manual of Office procedure, KPWD Departmental and Accounts code, Karnataka Transparency in Public Procurement Act, Practice guides and Guidance Notes on Audit of Contract Management, Procurement, Evidence gathering , Developing Recommendations, Financial Audit, Environment Audit ,Forensic Audit , Developing Audit observations, Draft Paragraphs, Noting and Drafting, Fraud and Corruption.
2  Mr. JJS Anand, SAO (Core Faculty-IT &KC)  IDEA, Oracle, Tableau, Knime,MS Office, Advance PL SQL ,IT Act, IT controls, SDLC- Modulesin SDLC,Testing methods,Networking concepts including security, Performance audit,Tableau,Advanced SQL and PLISQL for Core facultiesof RTIs,IT Audit,Advanced MS Excel.
3 Ms. Sowmini S, Sr.AO, OIOS IT Act, IT controls, SDLC- Modules in SDLC, Testing methods, Networking concepts including security, Performance audit, Tableau, Advanced SQL and PLISQL ,IT Audit, Advanced MS Excel.
4 Ms . Veena Sudhir Naik, AAO (Core Faculty-IT &KC )
MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel ,Tableau, IT Controls, Application Controls, IDEA, Big Data Analytics, IT Act 2000, Oracle, Data analytics
5 Ms . Suma K R, AAO (eHRMS) Gender Sensitization, Administrative Issues like record management, Noting & Drafting, Basics of Government Accounts, PF, Pension-Old & New, IS Topics- Excel ,Idea ,Qlik View in Audit in IT ,Word, PowerPoint.
6 Mr.Arvind Kumar, AAO ,(Admin) Organisational structure of CAG of India, DPC Act,  Introduction and Overview on Department, TA Rules, Travelling Allowances Rules , CPWD Works Manual 2014, Central Public Works Accounts Code with Appendices.
7 Mr. Ganta Srikanth, AAO (Core Faculty IS) Ms Excel-IT/IS , Big Data, Financial & Capital Markets, Oracle, Operating systems, Data Analytics
8 Mr. Nishant Raj, AAO (Core Faculty General) Old and New Pension rules,National Pension Scheme