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Report of 2010 - Performance Audit on Civil of Government of Tripura

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Sector Taxes and Duties,Finance,Power & Energy,Industry and Commerce,Information and Communication,Social Infrastructure


The Report contains 20 audit paragraphs (including 4 general paragraphs), 4 performance reviews including one Integrated Audit of Animal Resources Development Department. The draft audit paragraphs and draft performance reviews were sent to the Secretary of the Department concerned with a request to furnish replies within six weeks. However, in respect of 2 audit reviews and 13 audit paragraphs included in the Report, no response was received till the time of finalisation of the Report (October 2010). A synopsis of the important findings contained in the Report is presented in this overview.

The performance of PDS in the State can be further enhanced in accordance with the provision of PDS (Control) Order 2001 and guidelines issued by the Department revealed that Cash Books for transactions under Cash Credit Account and Revolving Fund Account were not maintained as per the requirement. The Department has not put in place a system of periodical reconciliation of food grains released and lifted by the State. There was short lifting of food grains under APL, MDM and WBNP schemes. Under NPAG a large number of undernourished women and girls were deprived of getting rice free of cost due to diversion of rice from this scheme to another scheme and the objectives of the NPAG scheme were frustrated. Joint inspection to ensure the quality of food grains was not carried out and the Department also did not have any laboratory of its own to check/test the quality of food grains supplied. The Department could not get timely and regular reimbursement of transport subsidy for distribution of food grains. Huge number of claims have not been submitted to FCI due to lack of required documents.

The State Government initiated TRIS project in Tripura with a view to bring in simplicity and transparency in the registration process by providing one stop service center for common citizen. TRIS aimed at providing complete solution to Land Records Maintenance and registration services with online query of application status over kiosks and the system itself. The system was also designed to capture information useful for minimizing of possible fraud and land disputes by digitizing photographs and thumb impressions of sellers, buyers and witnesses, and generation of scanned registered deed documents. The project was also aimed at simplifying the complex system of valuation of properties and ensuring transparency in registration process.

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