How do I get to iCISA from the Airport
After disembarking at the International Terminal of New Delhi airport, you will clear immigration and proceed for baggage collection. If you do not have dutiable items simply walk through the green channel and head towards the exit gate. However, if you have dutiable items declare them with the Customs Officer on the red channel before exiting. A representative from iCISA will be in front of the Exit gate no. 6 with a placard displaying ‘iCISA’. iCISA transport will bring you to the institute. For more information, please take a look at our Advisory on arrival at New Delhi International Airport at In case of any problem, contact Administrative Officer at +91-8800440697, iCISA 0120- 2400050/51/52.
What are the Accommodation facilities at iCISA?
Participants are provided single occupancy air conditioned accommodation with en-suite bathroom. Every room has a TV, computer, hi-speed internet and wi-fi connectivity. After reporting at iCISA reception the participant will be checked in to the allotted hostel room.
What preparations should I do for Study Tours?
The participants must follow the training schedule that will be handed over to them during orientation. This includes details on study/outstation tours. No exceptions are permissible. For local tours air conditioned bus service is used. For outstation trips, the mode of transportation will be flight/train/bus depending upon distance to the study tour location. Visits will have demonstrations, guided tours of work/project sites and meetings with beneficiaries and functionaries providing firsthand experience of the audit process. During field visits, accommodation will be provided on twin sharing basis.
How can I convert my Currency to Indian Rupees?
The Indian Rupee (INR) is available in currency notes of denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 2000. Coins are in circulation in denomination of 1, 2, 5 and 10. Money changers are available at airports and major shopping areas in most cities and banks. Most large shops and departmental stores accept major credit cards. You are advised to keep receipts of currency changed with you till your departure from India.
How do I communicate with my family after reaching iCISA?
Temporary mobile connections can be procured after submitting passport size photograph and photocopy of passport with an application for a local SIM card. The connection takes about 2 to 3 days to be activated. Hi-speed internet is available in hostel rooms and wi-fi connectivity is accessible in the academic/hostel blocks.
What are the medical facilities available in iCISA?
First-aid kits are available at iCISA reception. Facility of visiting Doctor is also available on Monday & Thursday between 1700 hours to 1800 hours. For medical emergencies there is a well equipped 24x7 private hospital within 1.5 kilometres of iCISA campus. Drinking water provided in iCISA is purified by a Reverse Osmosis plant and is laboratory tested. While travelling you are advised to buy bottled mineral water.
Will iCISA food meet my dietary requirements?
iCISA has a spacious dining hall that is serviced through a modern kitchen with a multi-cuisine menu prepared hygienically and under strict supervision. Trained in-house cooks ensure dietary standards and cater to the global palette. Our cooks also attend to any special dietary requirements of the participants.
What kind of clothes should I carry to iCISA?
iCISA's international training calendar starts from the month of August and concludes in the month of March. The climate in Delhi during the months of August to mid September is very warm and rainy. Cotton clothes may be preferred in this time. From late September to November there will be a dip in the night temperature. Cotton to light woollens can be preferred in this time. From December to mid February heavy woollens and inners are required. The end of February to March is very pleasant. Light woollens can be carried during this time.