Report of 2009 - Performance Audit on Civil of Government of Uttarakhand

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This Report includes five chapters with three performance reviews, an Integrated Audit and 28 other paragraphs (including one general paragraph) dealing with results of audit of selected schemes, programmes and the financial transactions of the Government and its commercial and trading activities. Copy of the performance reviews and paragraphs were sent to the Commissioners/Secretaries of the departments concerned by the Accountant General for furnishing replies within six weeks. Replies were received in respect of two audit paragraphs only. Wherever received and appropriate, the departmental views and explanations have been incorporated in this Report.

Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India (GOI) initiated 'Computerisation of Land Records (CLR)' project in 1988-89, as a centrally sponsored scheme for which 100 per cent financial assistance was provided to the States. As land records are a State subject, implementation of the project was to be done by the States. The central aim of the project was to remove the flaws inherent in the manual maintenance of land records. The project also aimed at making the maintenance of land records efficient and transparent and improving access to land records. An IT Audit of the scheme revealed several deficiencies in planning, documentation, input control, database design, etc.

Updated Antivirus software was not installed on the computer system. Business Continuity Plan was not in place and security controls were inadequate. Delays were noticed in updation of khataunis. The automatic updation of land records through online mutation was not found to be in practice. Mutation orders were not updated in computer system within the prescribed time limit Only 48 per cent of total land area has been computerised; besides, the khasra is yet to be computerised. Except in Dehradun tehsil, Touch Screen Computer Kiosks were lying idle in absence of installation/proper connectivity/repairs. As a result of weak access controls, revenue officials below the rank of Registrar Kanoongo and even private operators were found working as 'administrator' having access to 'System Management Module' of the software. Bio-metric devices though purchased in December 2005 were not found to be installed in any of the test checked tehsils.

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