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Report 5 of 2013 - Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India on Revenue Sector for the year ended March 2013 - Government of Chhattisgarh

Date on which Report Tabled:
Tue 25 Feb, 2014
Date of sending the report to Government
Government Type
Sector Taxes and Duties


This Report contains 20 paragraphs including one review involving Rs. 92.85 crore relating to underassessment, non/short levy of revenue etc. under 'Part-A' and five paragraphs including one review involving Rs. 149.22 crore relating to incorrect application of rates, non-raising of demands, irregular/avoidable expenditure, etc. in the Forest Department under 'Part-B'. Some of the major findings are mentioned below:

The total revenue receipts of the State Government for the year 2012-13 amounted to Rs. 17,650.16 crore as compared to Rs. 14,770.73 crore of the previous year. Out of this, 60 per cent was raised through tax revenue (Rs. 13,034.21 crore) and non-tax revenue (Rs. 4,615.95 crore). The balance 40per cent was received from Government of India as State's share of divisible Union taxes (Rs. 7,217.60 crore) and Grants-in-aid (Rs. 4,710.33 crore).

At the end of June 2013, 9,943 audit observations involving Rs.5,930.53 crore relating to 2,549 Inspection Reports issued up to December 2012 remained outstanding.

Test check of the records of 115 units of commercial tax, stamps and registration fees, land revenue, taxes on vehicles, state excise, taxes and duties on electricity and other non-tax receipts/expenditure conducted during the year 2012-13 revealed underassessment, non/short levy of revenue aggregating to Rs. 1,334.05 crore in 6,407 cases. During the course of the year, the concerned Departments accepted underassessment and other deficiencies of Rs. 181.55 crore involved in 4,713 cases. Out of this, the Department recovered Rs. 95.53 crore during the year.

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