Audit Reports

Uttar Pradesh

Report No. 1 of the year 2022 - Compliance Audit Report for the year ended 31 March 2020, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Date on which Report Tabled:
Wed 21 Sep, 2022
Date of sending the report to Government
Thu 26 May, 2022
Government Type
Sector Environment and Sustainable Development,Industry and Commerce,Power & Energy,Transport & Infrastructure



This Report for the year ended March 2020 has been prepared for laying on the table of Uttar Pradesh State Legislature under Article 151 of the Constitution of India.

The Report contains an overview of significant audit observations and three chapters.

Chapter I of the Report narrates the general information about auditee entities, audit coverage, responses of the Government to the Audit, status of outstanding inspection reports, follow up action on earlier Audit Reports, Status of audit of Accounts of Entities, Status of laying of Annual Reports/Accounts along with Separate Audit Reports of Entities in the State Legislature and recovery at the instance of Audit.

Chapter II of the Report includes results of audit of ‘Construction of High-Level Cancer Institute’ and ‘Procurement and Management of Transformers by DISCOMs’ and nine Audit Paragraphs related to Public Sector Undertakings.

Chapter III of the Report includes three Audit Paragraphs of Departments and Entities of the Government of Uttar Pradesh (other than PSUs).

The total financial impact of Audit findings is ₹ 418.13 crore.

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