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Report No.1 of 2020 - State Finances, Government of Maharashtra

Date on which Report Tabled:
Tue 08 Sep, 2020
Date of sending the report to Government
Wed 05 Aug, 2020
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Maharashtra is the second largest State in India in terms of population (11.24 crore population as per 2011 census) and has geographical area of 3.08 lakh square kilometres. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) in 2018-19 at current prices was Rs 26,60,318 crore (advance estimates). The Compounded Annual Growth Rate of GSDP for the period 2011-12 to 2018-19 has been 11 per cent as against 12.2 per cent in the General Category States of the country. The State’s literacy rate has increased from 76.9 per cent (census 2001) to 82.3 per cent (census 2011).

This Report on the Finances of the Government of Maharashtra is being brought out with a view to objectively assess the financial performance of the State during 2018-19 and to provide the State Government and State Legislature with timely inputs based on audit analysis of financial data. In order to give a perspective to the analysis, an effort has been made to compare the achievements with the targets envisaged by the State Government Fiscal Responsibilities and Budgetary Management Act, 2005 and in the budget estimates of 2018-19.

Based on the audited accounts of the Government of Maharashtra for the year ended March 2019, this Report provides an analytical review of the Annual Accounts of the Government. The Report is structured in three Chapters.

Chapter I is based on the audit of Finance Accounts and makes an assessment of the Maharashtra Government's fiscal position as on 31 March 2019. It provides an insight into trends of committed expenditure and the borrowing pattern.

Chapter II is based on audit of Appropriation Accounts and provides a grant-wise description of Appropriations and the manner in which the allocated resources were managed by the service delivery Departments of the Government.

Chapter III gives a selected insight into the State Government's compliance to various reporting requirements and Financial Rules. The Report also compiles the data collated from various Government Departments/Organizations in support of the Audit findings.

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