Report 5 of 2016 - Revenue Sector Haryana

  • Date on which Report Tabled:  27th Feb,2017
  • Government Type:  State
  • State:  Haryana
  • Sector:  Taxes and Duties
  • Report Type:  Compliance
  • Download Audit Report File:  Report 5 of 2016 - Revenue Sector Haryana(1.85MB)


This Report contains one Performance Audit on “Receipts from State Excise Duty” and 24 illustrative paragraphs relating to non/short levy of taxes, interest, penalty, non/short levy of excise duty, stamp duty, passenger and goods tax, royalty etc. with revenue implications of Rs. 721.81 crore.

The total revenue receipts of the State Government for the year 2015-16 were Rs.47,556.55 crore as compared to Rs. 40,798.66 crore during the year 2014-15. Test check of the records of 315 units of Sales Tax/Value Added Tax, State Excise, Stamp Duty and Registration Fees, Taxes on Goods and Passengers, Taxes on Vehicles and Non-Tax receipts conducted during the year 2015‑16 brought out under-assessments/short levy/non-levy/loss of revenue aggregating Rs. 2,864.64 crore in 48,193 cases.

System for collection of arrears of revenue in the State of Rs. 591.63 crore and other cases relating to input tax credit, under assessment, incorrect classification, wrong deduction/suppression of sales and interest of Rs. 13.04 crore. A performance audit on “Receipts from State Excise Duty” brought out unrealistic budget projections that impaired the effective monitoring of collection efforts. Further, better adherence and stricter enforcement of the provisions of the Act could have augmented revenue as brought out in the illustrative examples highlighted in the report that resulted in non/short recovery of Rs. 60.56 crore. Some significant cases involving Rs. 42.33 crore relating to short/ under-valuation of stamp duty. Loss of revenue on account of non-renewal of vehicle fitness certificate and registration certificate, Follow up audit, Non/short realisation of Goods Tax, Non/short realisation of passengers tax involving Rs. 14.13 crore. Non/short recovery of royalty and interest involving Rs. 11.72 lakh

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